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We are a "bundle" of condensed energy resonating at a very special personal vibration. Our thoughts we having, sounds we make , emotions we experiance are all but ENERGY in motion.

Our body is surrounded by a bio energy field that some call our “aura”. Unfortunately for us, our busy lives today are laden with stress, lethargy and pollution of the air, water, lifestyle and even environment. The increased exposure to electrical and artificial environment such as our smart phones, wifi, air-conditioning, television, laptops and tablets means we are constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields (esmog), oxidative stress and negative freqeuncies that upsetting the natural energy balance within. This pollution damages the cells and upsets their natural rhythm, leading to an imbalance in our body and causes various diseases.

Bioenergy healing is a method of healing our body by using natural energy from the earth’s environment. This natural energy is transferred to the cells of the body, via conductors such as healing devices as the AMPendant. The simple act of wearing and carrying these healing devices on our body brings clears all energy blockages and brings us back to balance, revitalizing our health and giving us vitality and youthfulness.


Wellness111.Com was created as an easy way to make us healthier, happier and younger by protecting our bodies from these electromagnetic fields and returning our body to “Homeostasis”- the body’s original state of being.  Now, instead of falling sick and seeking expensive medical treatment, there is one easy way to stay healthy and keep the doctors at bay!

Wearing the AMPendants daily will re-energize the cells and fluids in our body, bringing our body to equilibrium, thus relieving us of our health related issues. As it reorganizes our bioenergetic field, our body cells will receive and resonate with the zero-point energy from the pendant and channel it to the areas where it is most needed. When imbalances are cleared and energy is realigned, our body returns to a natural state of complete balance. A balanced body is a healthy body and a healthy man will definitely become a happy man.

Exclusively designed and manufactured by AMWell Technology, the Energy Pendants are infused with AMized Fusion Technology (AFT), a proprietary quantum technology developed by a team of scientists, doctors and physicists after 25 years of dedicated research and detailed study. The AFT  allows the pendant to resonate with zero point energy and infuse it into body cells giving them a much needed boost. 


Benefits Of Wearing The AMPendant
  1. May help one to look and feel younger.Wearing the AMPendants daily can rejuvenate our cells and promote blood circulation. This improves skin rejuvenation to promote elasticity, tone and luminosity. The improvement in circulation and energy also helps to burn fats, eliminates toxins and reduce cellulite.

  2. Promotes relief from pains, aches, ailments with speedy recovery and healing.Wearing the AMPendants eliminates energetic blocks which are the cause for most of our pains. It also clears our chakra energy distortions and rejuvenates the bio energy fields in the body system. Wearing the AMPendant also helps us recover faster from muscle fatigue, muscle aches, wounds, surgical operation and traumas. When placed on the source of the pain, the AMPendant can reduce pain or discomfort in just 20-30 minutes.

  3. May increase vitality, strength, flexibility and energy levels, thus allowing us to enjoy an overall improvement to our body’s well-being and productivity. 

  4. Assists in improvement of health due to improved immunity as a result of the increase and balance of energy levels in the body’s bio field.

  5. May enhance quality of rest and sleep by wearing it to bed. The AMPendants help our body to relax, thus helping us to fall asleep quickly and allowing us to go into deeper rest during our sleep hours.

  6. Protects from harmful Oxidative stress life e-smog, EMF, Radiations, Pollutions, and all other negative energies.

  7. Wearing the AMPendants expands and enhance the Bio-Field resulting in a more confident personality, consistant behavior and a stronger persoanality.

  8. May reduce stress. Wearing the AMPendant the person experience calm & peace. 

  9. Wearing the AMPedant alignments of all Charkars and allow the person to be more "Centered"

  10. Overall Energy Improvement in Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual

How to Use The AMPendant
  • Wear the pendant around your neck day and night to reorganize your energy field.

  • You may also put in on top of your body where you are experiencing aches and discomfort, or on top of your energy centers when lying down to clear energy blockages.

  • You can also place the pendant near the liquids you consume or the foods you eat to increase the potency of their nutrients.

  • Use as often as needed. This non-invasive pendant is safe for babies and children.TIP: For increased effectiveness, use the Energy Pendants with other Energized Products featured in Wellness111.Com.

AMPendant: Energy Healing Pendant is available in 3 types
AMPendant - Universe
Content: 14 special "monotomic" natural elements
Energized by: AFT
Avaiable in: Gold / Rose Gold / Silver / Black - COLORS
KiPendant - GLOBE
Casing: Natural Ceramic
Content: 14 special "monotomic" natural elements
Energized by: AFT
Avaiable in: Yellow / Black - COLORS
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