Magnetic Therapy in Bio-energy Jewelry

Magnetic Therapy in Bio-energy Jewelry

Posted by on Aug 1st 2018

The human body is designed to heal by itself whenever possible. Magnets help to speed up this process. As a species, we were developed in an environment, rich in magnetic fields, oxygen, and wat … read more

AFT Healing - The Solutions for your Stress

Posted by Wellness111.Com on Mar 5th 2015

Energetic Wellness: The Solution for your StressStress is a major factor of our lives. We live in a artificial environment and very fast-moving society where stress occurs on multiple levels. Those … read more

Wellcome to Wellness111.Com

Feb 16th 2014

Welcome to Wellness111.Com Blog!Wellness111.Com set to launch in April 5th 2015. Look out for great offers, Fantastics deals and Global connections. … read more